It has been a really long time since I haven’t written anything.. But days were floating by litterally… The more I thought I could trust in people the more I realised that I trusted too much… It is really tiresome to be al the time looking after everybody and organizing the classes and doing the administration work…

I am know in Europe for already three weeks. And it is soooo refreshing! And I am not just talking about the rain… I really missed the rain though… The sun and the beach is nice but after a while a bit of rain is what you need to clean everything up… from the nature to the human beings.

It is really strange how people here are working. They have this slogan that they are very proud of: NO STRESS. Which is great when you come to the island. The first threee months you really relax and enjoy this slogan. There is no rush, no crumpy faces, nevrotic gestures… You really reconnect with the essence of Time that we have lost in Europe. To take time to do someting, to enjoy the moment… Even in the mediterranean countries like Italy or Spain or Greece where the dolce far niente is yet not completly erradicated cannot compare to the NO STRESS style they have here.

And all of that is fine. But after three months of that and once you get in the flow, you realise that this NO STRESS slogan is just a smoke to say let’s do the less we can. Let give me you an example: I understand that to sew curtains you need time. In Europe the amount of curtains I asked for the school would have been done in a week maybe two. Here I expected the curtains within a three months range… I mean the woman works also for others, the machine can break down, she gets ill, she needs to go t a mariage… what ever. But If you aks for curtains in December and get them by the ned of May…. I really don’t know what to say….

It is like people are doing YOU a favour for making them earn some money…

So let’s see this under a different angle: at least I got the curtains…. It needed time but the work was done…. And if you don’t take this ZEN attitude you won’t get far on this island.

Now imagine me… already a very slow person in Europe who get nevrotic here because of stress the NO STRESS slogan produces… I have been to Europe for Christmas holidays and since then I stayed on the island. By the end of the scholar year I can tell you I was pretty nevrotic… I was my old self back in Slovenia… Tired, crumpy with very little tolerance… I left the island with relief and I must admit that time is going too fast, Only a month left of enjoying Europe and its nevrotic time essence. But I know that I’l be happy to go back. Not for the weather, or the people, or the NO STRESS, but for the children. I can’t wait to see them how they have grown and how much they have evolved….